About Sunrise Learning Foundation

We are a not-for-profit non-Government organization dedicated towards providing employment, empowerment, inclusion, independence-Vocational training, education and support services to differently-abled people and their families. 

The organization is registered as a Trust, under The Indian Trusts Act, 1882 and Niti Ayog, DARPAN, FCRA, CSR-1.

It is also registered under section 80G and 12A of Income Tax Act, 1961.

With a head- office in New Delhi and a Centre for Autism & Special Needs at Noida, the Foundation works with families pan India through various out-reach programs for providing direct therapeutic support and Vocational Training to differently-abled persons.



It was started by doctor parents of a child on the autism spectrum.

Both the doctor parents, Dr Sonali Kataria, (former Assistant Professor, AIIMS, New Delhi) and Dr Ajay Sirohi (Consultant at Sir Gangaram Hospital), started this foundation. 

Most of the members of faculty are either parents of or related to a child with special needs. They are very dedicated and driven, going beyond their means to support the foundation’s work.

The ultimate objective is to ensure that the people with special needs are able to capitalise on their strengths, reach their maximum potential, and live a life of dignity and independence.


    • 3 Trustees (all are doctors)
    • 25 Members of the Foundation (all are all senior doctors, Educationists, parents of children with special needs) who raise funds, make policies & guidelines
    • A Core team of 18 faculty members (specialists of various developmental/ administrative domains, Special Educators, Therapists)
    • 16 support staff & caregivers
    • 40 assistant teachers, trainees, therapists


Our initiatives are focussed towards:

  • Empowering the differently abled children with education, social skill development, speech therapy, gross and fine motor skills, Occupational therapies, activities of daily living, basic and advanced computer training and multi-disciplinary curriculum with practise of art, yoga, dance, music – which also act as therapy and encourage social interaction.
  • Pre-vocational and Vocational training with hard and soft skills.
  • Parent Empowerment Programs as both free of charge sessions and paid courses for awareness, acceptance, skill development and counselling to equip parents to be the best resource person for their wards.
  • Awareness initiatives as in-person and online events to create awareness for strengths and challenges of people with Autism, acceptance and hence inclusion into the mainstream.
  • Online counselling sessions and social media events for counselling and awareness.
  • Organising events and social media campaigns to showcase abilities and talent of specially abled individuals in the fields of sports, creative production, fine art and performing arts.

If you wan't to be a part

Join us in the journey of Educating, empowering and employing the special persons.


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