*To inquire about admissions, please write an email at, with the following details:
Name of the student,
Age of student,
Place of residence,
Diagnosis (if any),
Major concerns,
Attach a recent assessment/ diagnosis.
You will be provided with the further information about the next step.

Sunrise Learning is open to admissions throughout the year, even though the academic sessions start in April. Students who join mid session, can join the program, that they are found eligible for. 

The students who are not able to cope with the main-stream academics, they are helped to enroll for open schooling (NIOS), so the Sunrise Learning faculty can prepare the students for NIOS assessments and they can work at their own pace, without any pressure.

We welcome students from all over Noida, Indirapuram, Greater Noida, East Delhi and from any part of the country, who move to nearby societies for this purpose. Our transport services are available for most of these areas (availability of school transportation is subject to vacancy in bus/cab and timings).
Admissions are subject to availability of a vacancy. The student is admitted to a program that is age and functional level appropriate for that student.
The programs under which the students can be enrolled are:
1. Early Learning Center (ELC) 4 hours
2. Pre-Vocational Programs (ican) 6 hours / 8 hours
3. Vocational Training Courses (VTC) 4 hours/ 6 hours / 8 hours
Currently we have 35 students, with various special-needs (Autism and related conditions, ADHD, Global Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, Downs Syndrome, students with other neuro-developmental disorders with or without epilepsy), who are enrolled in any of these programs: ELC, ican or VTC.
We welcome students from all physical, mental, social and economic backgrounds.
However, as of now, we do not have facilities for handling/ teaching students with certain specific conditions:
1. Hearing impaired
2. Visually impaired
3. Cerebral Palsy
4. Muscular dystrophies
5. Few other physical disability conditions
The student’s eligibility for admission to various programs is assessed through a functional assessment. 
For determining the eligibility of a student in a particular program, we conduct a:
1. Basic functional assessment, if the student has already submitted a recent (done within the last 1 year) assessment from a previous school/ center. It takes around 15-20 mins, and the admission eligibility can be ascertained and informed to the parents within 3 days.
2. Or an advanced functional assessment (if the parents do not have a recent assessment that can give complete details of the current skill level of the student.)
The advanced functional assessment takes around 1 to 1.5 hours, and a report is generated around one week after the assessment.
The eligibility for admission is established after the report is generated.
The program for which the student is eligible, is then informed to the parents.
In some occasional circumstances, in case the student is not found eligible for any of the programs (4 hours/ 6 hours/ 8 hours), we try to create a shorter, simpler, customized:
Early Intervention program (for younger students) or
a School readiness program (for older students).
Customized Early Intervention/ School Readiness Program:
In this program, the students are supposed to enroll for a 2 hour daily program, for a period ranging from 3 months to 1 year.
Here, the students are accompanied by their parents everyday, and the activity planner is made according to the skill level of the student. This kind of program helps the student to get used to the school environment, its culture, the structure and schedules etc, in a shorter, simpler way, that is customized as per the strengths, interests and needs of that student.
Gradually, the student can feel comfortable with the everyday activities.
Assessments are done once, every 3 months to assess the eligibility of the student for a regular 4 hour/ 6 hour/ 8 hour program (ELC/ ican/ VTC).
Once the student is ready, the student is enrolled for a regular program.
In case a student has an associated medical condition, (eg active seizures, a hearing problem with an external devise, extreme hypotonia, extremely poor vision, chronic fatigue etc), in which it may not be safe for the student to enroll in a regular 4/6/8 hour school program, keeping his/her health and well being as the first priority, we try to create a similar customized program, as per the age/ functional skill level of the student. In this program, the student enrolls with the parents (or guardians), so that the student gets a good safe social learning environment, in the presence of his/her parent or guardian.
Students with Chronic epilepsy are enrolled with the parent (if required) or in the Mom and Child Program for the first few months and then, gradually, the parent’s presence is faded off, once the faculty, staff and student all have comfortably adjusted to the routine of the system, with all emergency procedures well understood.
The faculty and staff at Sunrise Learning are trained for providing first-aid, for managing emergency conditions like injuries, seizures, choking etc, that can occur during the school time.