Early Intervention program

IEP: Each child is provided an Individualized Education Plan, and the programs are based on his/her IEP

In this program, the little students are challenged in a stimulating, enriching, yet loving & caring environment that prepares them intellectually, physically, artistically, emotionally & socially to begin their Kindergarten. They are encouraged towards academic learning, always safeguarding the fun and joys of childhood. At this very stage, their creative interests (in sensory motor games, painting, music, dance or numbers) are looked for, and their energies are inspired towards that direction. In this program, at the end of each month, students are observed, tested and assessed to determine their level of development, which is documented for periodical parent conference.

Student will come along with his/her mother during this program. After this program we will do the assessment and enroll the child in one of our school programs he/she will be eligible for.

  • 1:1 Sensory Integration Therapy + Occupational Therapy
  • Group Sensory Motor Activities for: Eye Contact, Joint Attention, Communication, Sitting tolerance, Play Skills etc
  • Music Therapy
  • Dance & Movement Therapy
  • Group Speech & Phonics
  • Academic Class
  • Social development skills
  • Detailed assessment once every 3 months.

Curriculum Keys:
Focus on fundamental skill development,
Balance of structured activities and free play,
Introduction to art through creativity and exploration.
Most importantly, we encourage each child to enjoy these activities at his or her own pace.