ELC Nursery

IEP: Each child is provided an Individualized Education Plan, and the programs are based on his/her IEP

Junior ELC Nursery/Senior ELC Nursery

In this program, the little students are challenged in a stimulating, enriching, yet loving & caring environment that prepares them intellectually, physically, artistically, emotionally & socially to begin their Kindergarten. They are encouraged towards academic learning, always safeguarding the fun and joys of childhood. At this very stage, their creative interests (in sports, painting, music, dance or numbers) are looked for, and their energies are inspired towards that direction. In this program, at the end of each month, students are observed, tested and assessed to determine their level of development, which is documented for periodical parent conference. The Center provides an Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) for small groups of students experiencing Early Learning Difficulties.

Curriculum Keys:
Focus on fundamental skill development,
Balance of structured activities and free play,
Introduction to art through creativity and exploration.
Most importantly, we encourage each child to enjoy these activities at his or her own pace.

Fine Motor Skills:
Coloring within lines & Drawing different shapes
Techniques of holding pencils, crayons and chalks
Printing letters & numbers
Cutting on lines with scissors

Threading beads & Lacing
Properly putting buttons on and zippering clothes
Playing notes on the keyboard

Gross Motor Skills
Jumping in squares
Running within lines
Hopping from point to point
Bouncing on therapy balls
Climbing up and down
Balancing on balancers
Football, Basketball and Throw-ball
Roller skating

Creative Arts
Music (response to music, exploring various musical instruments)
Art (free and structured)
Movement (in response to musical beats and rhyme animation)
Dramatic Play
Creativity (through objects, recitation, writing and actions)
Pretend & Role Play
Expression & Representation
Understanding & Appreciation of Arts

Self Help Skills
Personal Hygiene, Brushing Teeth, Proper hand washing procedure & Bathroom safety
Getting Dressed & Tying shoe strings
Cleaning up our own area
Setting the table
Toilet training
Language, Reading and Literacy
Book Knowledge & Appreciation
Listening & Understanding
Speaking & Communicating
Letter and Word Recognition .
Rhyming Words
Letters & their Sounds
Following multiple-step directions
Reciting the alphabet
Identifying uppercase letters in random order
Identifying lowercase letters in random order
Matching capital and lowercase letters
Matching alphabet to pictures
Identifying characters in stories
Identifying setting in stories
Learning to retell a story
Identifying problem/solution in a story
Reading Color words/Sites words/People words/Object words
Learning to read LEVEL 1 – 2 STORY BOOKS

Early Writing from left to right
Writing Upper & Lower Case Alphabet
Writing Own Name
Drawing pictures to illustrate a particular story
Leaving spaces between words
Writing Phone numbers
Writing (2 – 5 letter words) independently
Introduction of Punctuation in sentences

Maths & Counting
Rote Counting & Recognizing Numbers 1 – 100
Identifying numbers in random order
Counting Objects 1 – 50
Writing numbers 1 – 20
Counting by 5’s & 10’s to 100
Identifying patterns
Before, After & Same Number
One to One Correspondence
Measurement / More & Fewer
Introduction to Addition & Subtraction

Life Sciences
Parts of Body
Five Senses
Fruits, Vegetables, Domestic & Wild animals, Insects, Plants & Flowers
Fishes & Under the sea

Earth Science
About the Weather (our 4 seasons)
Nature’s Wonders (Rainbow, Snowfall, Day & Night)
Studying Our Planets / Solar System
Environmental Issues

Physical Science & Experiments
Living & Non-Living Things
Floating & Sinking
Color classification & Mixing

Social Studies
Civics: Importance of rules, Following rules in school, Obeying teachers and parents
Importance of Cleaning our environment
Religions of our country
Important People: Past & Present
Good Citizenship & our Government
Community Helpers
Days of the week, months of the year

Personal, Social & Emotional Development
Self awareness, Parents names, phone numbers & address
Self Control
Taking Initiative to help
Cooperation with peers & parents
Social Relationships
Appropriate table manners
Importance of families and communities in our lives
Listening & Learning
Good behavior, Moral codes of conduct
Reasoning & Social Problem-solving