Early Learning Center Program

IEP: Each child is provided an Individualized Education Plan, and the programs are based on his/her IEP

Their curriculum focuses on providing them with an enriched and stimulating environment, without actually forcing them do any particular activity. The kids are just encouraged to participate in structured activities and free play (indoors & outdoors), offering them a warm, safe, supportive background. Children are introduced to art through the use of hands on fun activities.

Communication Development
Introduction to all forms of non-verbal communication (gestures, facial expressions, pointing to objects, joint attention)
Child’s first introduction to meaningful speech (Receptive & Expressive)

Fine & Gross Motor Activities
Holding spoon, paper, ball, biscuit,
bhujiya, beads, puzzle pieces, blocks tearing & pasting art etc
Arranging and putting blocks.
Running, Jumping, Kicking, Throwing balls
Walking, Balancing, Dancing etc.

Arts & Crafts
Art & Craft is based on the theme of the month
incorporating dramatic play and cultural experiences.

Introduction To Academics
Recognition of sounds with Big block alphabets & numbers
Seeing alphabets & co-relating with sounds.
Introduction to basic shapes: Circle/Rectangle/Oval/Triangle/Square/Star
Beginning of Numbers and Counting skills 0 – 20.
Introduction to basic colors: Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/ Black/ white