Pre-vocational classes

A program of groups sessions for teaching fine motor and several other basic skills to children aged 6-18 years, to identify their interests, strengths and talents, so that those specific skills can be honed and concerted into vocation later on.

Skill based programs for Senior ELC Pre-vocational group (6-12 years)

1 Making Necklaces 1 Computer advanced skills
2 Making Flowers 2 Candle making
3 Making Greeting cards 3 Assembly of tooth picks
4 Envelopes 4 Assembly of match sticks into match boxes
5 Assembly of nuts and bolts 5 Arranging straw bundles (color & size sorting
6 Assembly of nested jars 6 Sorting and arranging key-rings, erasers, sharpeners, pencils, pens and packing them.
7 Pottery 7 Sorting good and broken objects
8 Diya decoration 8 Packaging (stationery kits, grooming kits etc
9 Diwali & Christmas decorations 9 Sorting and filing business cards in folders
10 Flameless cooking 10 Match shoe pairs and pack into boxes
11 Computer basics 11 Counting and packing eggs into egg boxes
12 Assembly of locks and keys 12 Arrange colored marbles into same color ice tray, and pack
13 Assembly of measuring spoons sets 13 Pack daals, wheat grains, rice into nested jars
14 Arranging and packing balls into packets 14 Screw and unscrew on a screw board
15 Folding and packing towels 15 Chocolate making & packing
16 Sorting and packing buttons into jars
17 Planting in pots
18 Packing marbles into packets
19 Packing stationery into packets/ kits
20 Packing paper sheets into bundles