School Readiness Program

IEP: Each child is provided an Individualized Education Plan, and the programs are based on his/her IEP

It’s a customised program designed for students in the age groups of *3-10 years* (exceptions can be made), to prepare any child to get ready for a regular 4-6 hours of special schooling.

It includes all Activities that are done in a regular school, but in compact & shorter time duration, with lesser challenges and more interest based Activities (so that the child finds it easy to adjust to the curriculum).

Duration : *6 months – 1 year* (depending on the child’s ability to cope).

The program can be extended till the student is finally ready for a 4-6 hour school.

Assessments are done once every 3 months.

The curriculum focuses on fundamental skills that foster Social/Emotional development, Independence and Positive self help skills in a warm, safe, supportive environment with a balance of structured activities and free play (indoors & outdoors).

Children are introduced to Art through the use of hands-on crafts designed to allow for exploration and creativity, and all children, irrespective of their learning pace and capability, are able to enjoy the freedom of expression. This provides them with great early learning experiences and school readiness skills.
Activities that lay an emphasis on Letters/ Numbers/ Shapes/ Colors/ and Language Skills make learning interesting for the little ones, at the same time inculcating long term understanding of concepts.

Social & Emotional Development
Development of self-awareness and a positive self-image
Daily interaction with peers & teachers.
Learning to take care of themselves (combing, dressing, eating, washing etc
Develop listening skills/Turn-taking skills/ Sharing etc

Academic Readiness
Recognition of Letter & its sound
Pre-writing skills (Tracing upper case letters )
Recognition of first name
Recognition of First name in print
Identification of basic shapes: Circle/Rectangle/Oval/Triangle/Square/Star
Recognition of basic Colors
Identification & Tracing numbers 1 – 20
Counting skills 0 – 20/20-50
Understanding of basic concepts (Size concepts/Quantitative Concepts/Numerical Concepts)

Communication Development
Receptive Language – What the child understands & comprehends/
His /Her ability to follow directions.
Expressive Language- The child’s ability to vocalize Needs/Wants/
Thoughts & Ideas

Fine Motor Skills
Learning to hold and use pencil, crayon, paint brush & Scissors correctly
Cutting/ Gluing/ Pasting/ Coloring/ Tracing/ Pointing / Threading etc
Creative expression using Crayons & Markers/ Finger Painting/Using brushes & Dot To Dot paint
Engaging in various activities that require the use of small hand muscles

Gross Motor Skills
Encouraging development of large muscle coordination (Running/ Jumping/Kicking & Throwing balls/Hopping
Encourage development of good body control (Balancing/Exercising/Dancing etc)

Arts & Crafts With Free Play
Art & Craft: Is based on the theme of the month incorporating dramatic play and cultural experiences.
Songs with animation
Finger & hand puppet plays
Stories (also Alphabet Recognition in story)
Dramatic Play
Water Play
Sensory Exploration
How Things Work : Fitting things together, Stacking, Things that Spin, Peek-a-Boo, Emptying & filling/Different ways of Moving
Primary Colors & Shapes Recognition
Listening Activities – Following Directions
Comparative games (Matching colors, Shapes & Sizes)
Sharing & Taking Turns, activities with competitions
Cause & Effect games.