Sunrise Learning Foundation

SLF is a non-profit NGO that has been established with prime objective of promoting the advancement of education, art, science and health in the society (by establishing and maintaining kindergarten, pre-primary, primary, secondary, senior-secondary and higher education schools, institutions and colleges) and to promote cultural, sports, entertainment, education and youth activities.
Sunrise Learning Preschool & Early Learning Center is a unit of the Sunrise Learning Foundation NGO, and is inspired and based on the Son-Rise Program®, a powerful and effective program for bringing forth the beauty of celebrating childhood and saluting the undying spirit of parenthood. Sunrise Learning follows the same unique developmental and educational model that has been successful in changing the way children with Autism are helped worldwide. The Sunrise Learning Team includes qualified doctors, educators, and special trainers who, as a team, strive to provide “Special Love & Unique Learning” to children on the autism spectrum in the most gentle, non-judgmental and loving ways.

1. To create and provide opportunities to autistic children for learning, playing, growing, performing, participating, competing and winning TOGETHER with their peers.
2. To create awareness about their “special needs” in the society and amongst people, so that the common people understand and support causes for these children (with EMPATHY and NOT SYMPATHY).
3. To bring about sensitivity amongst people for autistic children, so that they teach their own “normal” children to hold hands with their different peers and NEVER make fun of them.
4. To create awareness among new parents about how to recognize signs of delayed or different development, and the importance of evaluation.
5. To motivate and help the parents to acknowledge and accept the “specialness” of their children, and to bring them out of their DENIAL and denunciation phase.
6. To inspire special parents to believe in the strengths of their children, and to encourage these parents to create platforms for tapping the best potential of their children.
7. To help special parents to discover their children’s’ inborn abilities, strengths and untapped potential, and to help them identify their best skills.
8. To create platforms of opportunities of every possible kind so that their energies can be sharpened and honed and channelized into constructive directions.
9. To IDENTIFY the uniqueness of each child, and giving that GIFT of individuality to the parents.
10. To teach, train and educate mothers (and fathers) about all possible aspects of autism and coping with confidence.

1. We conduct classes, sessions, workshops, events & activities (for sports, academics, music, dance, art, craft, story-telling) for autistic children in the mornings (school timings) & evenings.
2. Organize awareness campaigns, seminars, talks, lectures and distribute pamphlets about autism and other related conditions, in schools and residential societies.
3. Arrange workshops for parents and their children, for helping parents understand the importance of inculcating “goodness” in their “normal” children, so that they do not bully or scorn children who seem to be different. It is a duty of the parents to teach their children to treat special children with respect and dignity.
4. Conduct awareness seminars for to-be parents and new parents to educate them about child developmental milestones, symptoms and signs of delays and deviations, autism and few other conditions.
5. Once a deviation is identified, our team motivates the parents to get an appropriate assessment and evaluation done, and to face the “diagnosis” or “label” with confidence.
6. Special efforts are put in to ensure that the parents that we are dealing with feel BLESSED and grateful for their unique children, and are not ashamed or depressed. For this, FREE motivational seminars and “I AM GIFTED” lectures are organized so that the parents see their children in a positive perspective, and feel inspired to support them.
7. Conduct specific evaluation and assessment programs using innovative technology (Dermatoglyphics) to IDENTIFY specific inborn talents, special interests, precise skills and abilities of children.
8. Organize training sessions (pre-vocational and vocational classes), targeting these unique specific skills and strengths, so that these children can “make a living” with their own special skills. We put up stalls for their creations, and the children earn the money as well as the confidence of independence, which is PRICELESS!!
9. Present the UNIQUE ABILITIES of these children to their parents like a SURPRISE GIFT, which develops an exclusive bonding between the parents and the child, and a new-found confidence.
10. Conduct FREE training programs and seminars for parents about every possible aspect of autism and other related conditions, so that parents can have interactive discussions with doctors and related professionals on a common platform. This gives the parents enough insight into their childrens’ condition, their needs and treatment strategies, without running from doctor to doctor.
Our approach towards children on the autism spectrum is that of:
   Being absolutely non-judgemental
  Totally accepting (of his or her ‘isms’ or stims too)

We have tailored a Developmental Model that helps us and the mothers to FOCUS on our KEY goal (that is, to help the child develop the ability to relate and connect with others socially). Besides social development, other essential areas on this Developmental Model are: Self-help, Cognitive, Gross motor and Fine motor skills.

While each of these developmental areas is essential, the most important (and the most challenging) issue to address with our children is “social” development. It is upon this foundation that our child will more readily learn self-help skills and fine motor skills.
Four fundamental social goals for autistic children:
1. Eye contact & non-verbal communication
2. Verbal Communication
3. Interactive attention span
4. Flexibility
A very crucial first step in designing the work techniques is creating a Social Curriculum for each child, which is done through the following steps:
1. Create a baseline through an assessment of the child (which stage and level does the child fit on the Developmental Model)
2. Create a social curriculum (program goals)
3. Writing the program goals as targets
Some of our basic techniques are: Bonding through acceptance (reactions, responding, joining, control), Inspiring growth (celebrating, building, initiating, requesting), Love for communication and Language development.
At Sunrise, we believe that the BEST doctors and therapists of the world cannot do, what a mother can do to pull her child out of the glass bubble, that he seems to be trapped in, being on the autism spectrum. And therefore, mummy empowerment is the most powerful tool of Sunrise Learning, that keeps the spirit of love and acceptance alive and growing.