AAC-AWAZ-Hands on training

For Parents of Children with special Needs.

ANSWER THIS. Which of these are your Problem?

  • ☐ You are facing difficulty in meeting your special child’s communication needs effectively.
  • ☐ You are doubting about your own ability to support your special child’s communication development.
  • ☐You feel guilty of not helping him/her enough
  • ☐ You keep finding different tools and ways to teach your special child Communication.
  • ☐ You are hoping from Speech Therapist’s to OT, Apps to taking courses to help him/her with communication.
  • ☐ You have purchased the App but are yourself figuring out how to teach him.
  • ☐ You are constantly looking for Awaz Tutorials

Sunrise Learning invites you to AAC-Avaz Hands-on Training, designed to empower parents in meeting your special child's communication needs.

We know you have a lot of Questions , so we also want to give you a Free Orientation Webinar on AAC-Avaz.

1.  This Webinar will give you an Overview about AAC-AVAZ.

2. This Webinar will also give you a Mini tour of aac-avaz App.

3. This Webinar will share case stories of how AVAZ has impacted so many special lives.

4. This Webinar will give you clarity if AVAZ is what you are looking for

Just a quick Reminder, we are inviting you for two things

  1. 1. FREE Webinar on AAC -AVAZ
  2. 2. AAC-AVAZ Hands on Training 10 weeks Course

👇Here are all the details about the AAC-AVAZ Hands on training Course

Course Details

  • 1. Course:- LIVE Online AAC-AVAZ Hands On Training Course (8 to 10 session)
  • 2. For:- Parents of Children with Special Needs  
  • 3. Criteria:- No age criteria – any parent who wishes to make a difference in his / her child’s life, is welcome !
    4. Dates – Starting from1st week of April
    6. Platform – Zoom (Edmingle, a learning portal)
    7. Last date to register is 31st March 2023
  • 8. Program Fee:  ₹ 3500/-
  • 9. No. of Seats:- Only 20 seats
  • 10. Modules:- Check Below
  • 11. Duration:- 2 months