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Online Homeschooling vs Openschooling Webinar

with live q&a session

Date & Time

11th August, 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM


Ms Vandana Gautam & Dr. Sonali Kataria


LIVE On ZOOM with Q&A session, you will get details via mail as soon as register.


Sunrise Learning, a special School


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This Webinar is for YOU if......

If you feel alone in your child's educational & academics journey as a parent of your special child.

If you looking for solutions to Avoid/reduce potential costs related to school transfers or dissatisfaction with current schooling arrangements helping you save money & effort in the long run.

If YOU live in any such location, city or town which do not have any Special schools suitable for YOUR child with special Needs.

If YOU as a Parent have tried a lot of things like therapies and interventions, but are not satisfied. And You are either ready to take control or are already taking charge of YOUR Child's development like their academics, therapies etc in the comfort of YOUR home.

If YOUR child needs regular support and Intervention.

If you feel confused or overwhelmed by conflicting information about suitable educational options for your special child.

If YOUR child with special needs has some specific medical condition, due to which they are unable to attend regular or special schools.

If YOU do not have any good services like therapy centers and professional help available near You.

If YOU have registered YOUR child with special needs with NIOS or Open Boards for their academics growth.

If YOU are looking for tips to nurture your child's passions and interests, making learning more engaging and exciting.

Grab the power to make informed decisions for your extraordinary child with special needs.

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Let's get the basics right first

HOMESCHOOLING and OPENSCHOOLING are different disciplines, while both are co-dependent.

To help YOU get clarity!

HOMESCHOOLING is always about the holistic development of the Child while OPENSCHOOLING is a curriculum for academics that is flexible and self paced.

And there is lots more….

The above Information is just tip of the Iceberg. The webinar will focus on giving detailed information to help understand both the curriculums and take an informed decision for the growth & academic progress of your child with special needs. 

What's in the Webinar?

What is Homeschooling?

Is it relevant to YOU?

Why, When & How you should choose Homeschooling?

Pros & Cons of Homeschooling for your Child with Special Needs

What is Openschooling?

Is it relevant to YOU?

Why, When & How to choose Openschooling?

Pros & Cons of Openschooling for your Child with Special Needs

How are Homeschooling & Openschooling connected to each other? And How does it effects your child with Special Needs

Benefits and leveraging the Understanding the Difference between the Two for your Child with special Needs

How can Sunrise Learning  help Parents of children with special needs to start their Homeschooling program with effective resources and guidance?

And guidance of Openschooling too!

By the end of the webinar

YOU as a Parent will feel empowered and confident in YOUR ability to make education & academic decisions about YOUR special child's education and future.

And Yes! Did we mention

We will take live Q&A session afer the presentation. So keep your questions ready!

Experience the confidence of making an empowered educational choice that best suits your child's needs.

YOU are the best Teacher YOUR Child Deserves!

Meet the Host

Sunrise Learning proudly presents her with almost a decade of experience in community building and providing active support to Parents of Children with Special Needs.

Mrs Vandana Gautam

ICT Educator, AVAZ THERAPIST & NIOS Program Incharge at SUNRISE learning

She is a passionate trainer and mother of a 15 year old young man on the Autism Spectrum. She closely works with children with special needs and their parents to empower them.

Who Else will join the Webinar?

  • Other Parents of Children with special Needs who have taken this course in the past will also join YOU. They have experienced the same problem as you and they will be sharing their experiences too. 
  • New Parents facing similar challenges
  • And Lastly YOU-  parents who have decided to educate themselves first.
  • Trust us, empowering Yourself is the greatest Gift you can give to your child.

Your DECISIONS effects Your Special Child too!

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Is it Only for Parents or Children can also attend it ?

We highly recommend this webinar for parents of children with special Needs. As YOU are the only one who decisions impacts thier education and academics  developments.

Is this webinar completely free?

Right Now the webinar is completely free. So go ahead and “REGISTER NOW”

What is the date and time of the webinar?

The Webinar is on 11th August 04:00 PM to 05:15 PM

Can I access a recording of the webinar if I miss the live session?

This is  LIVE WEBINAR and we won’t be probably sharing the recording of the session. In case of any emergecy of your non availability, write to us at

What topics will be covered in the webinar?

We have shared this points above. Please check that section.

Will there be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar?

Yes, we have a dedicated slot for Q&A session after the presentation where we will try to answer all your queries.

How can I join the webinar and what technical requirements do I need to meet?

Click “Register Now’. Fill the form and you will receive an email with zoom meting details. Make sure you have zoom app or software installed in your device from which you will attend the webinar.