Your Daughter Deserves the Best:

The Road to a Strong & Beautiful Adolescence

Free Webinar on Managing girls Adolescence by Sunrise Learning is your Free Gift this Navratri!

Is your special girl on the autism spectrum growing up?

Are you ready to tackle the unique challenges of her adolescence?

We’re here to help!

Course Details

  1. 1. Date: October 21st
  2. 2.Time: 03:00 PM
  3. 3. Platform: Zoom
  4. 4. Price: Absolutely FREE
  5. 5. Topic:-  Navigating Girl’s Adolescence on the Autism Spectrum
  6. 6.  Organizer: Sunrise Learning – The Special School
  7. 7. Prize:- Free

Who should attend this webinar? 👇

8+ year Girls on the Autism Spectrum

Parents of girls 8+ years on the Autism Spectrum

Caregivers of Special Needs girls

Meet Our Expert Speaker

Sunrise Learning proudly presents her 

Dr. Ashwini

A compassionate mother of a boy and a girl on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dr. Ashwini is more than just an expert:

  • A seasoned obstetrician and gynecologist with over 15 years of experience.
  • Co-owner of Sushrut Maternity Hospital.
  • CEO of Vein Center, Mumbai.
  • Winner of two prestigious MOGS awards.
  • Specializes in Adolescent Gynecology.
  • Actively pursuing a certificate course in Adolescent health.
  • An active member of the Forum for Autism’s Doctors’ group

What will you & your special girl child learn?

Understanding the profound changes during puberty in girls.

Addressing common complaints before, during menstruation, and beyond.

Dealing with common vaginal infections.

Menstrual issues - diagnosis and management.

Unraveling perimenopausal challenges.

Unraveling perimenopausal challenges.

Why Attend This Webinar?

Navigating adolescence can be challenging, especially when your child is on the autism spectrum. Our expert speaker, Dr. Ashwini, has walked in your shoes, bringing both professional expertise and personal empathy to the table. Join us to gain valuable insights, practical solutions, and a supportive community.

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