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Entries from 01st August to 16th August

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Invitation by Dr. Sonali Kataria, Sunrise Learning

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Theme for Artworks SUNFUN 2023:-



Sunrise Learning Foundation work to educate and  empower specially abled people and their families. Art is a Powerful medium of expression. This a platform to celebrate creativity and nurture inclusion.

Every year we organize SUNFUN - Our International Online Inclusive Art Exhibition, which welcomes entries across the globe.


Anyone and everyone can participate.

All entries are shared & celebrated on our Social Media platforms.


Internationally renowned panellists who are artists, art mentors, experts in diverse fields will view and share comments of appreciation.

All participants are awarded certificates that display their creation and art.

The entries with maximum likes on Facebook & Instagram are awarded special mention.

Selected participants are taken through a series of online art mentorship workshops by Internationally known artists.

24+ artists are featured in our Annual Sunfun Calendar.

How to Enroll

1. Create Art

Create an artwork or choose your pre-existing artwork that reflects the Theme. Make sure your artwork has your clear Full name mentioned.

2. Click Submit Form

Click any "SUBMIT FORM" button in this Page to fill the form. Make sure you have your Artwork Clear Images ready.

3. Fill the Form

Fill the form with your artwork attached.

4. Join our FB group

Once you fill the form, you will receive mail to join our FB group. Join and post your artworks there from your Social Media accounts. ​(FB Group button below too)

5. Share the Post

Share your post on our FB group in your Facebook page to collect likes and appreciation for raising awareness

6. Follow our Campaign on Social Media

Follow us on Social Media to check progress of the SUNFUN Events.

By participating in SUNFUN 2023, you become an agent of change.


01st August to 16th August


Online/ Virtual


DIVERSE minds, DIVERSE skies

About Artworks

The creations can be created on paper/canvas with water/oil/acrylic paints or any other art material which supports the participants creativity

Digital creations in MS Paint or PPT presentations. No AI generated Images allowed.

Products created with reproducing the participant’s art as interpretation of the Theme is allowed.

Inclusive event for both specially-abled & neurotypical people.

You don't have to be a professional Artist. Just Let the Creativity Flow.

Participation certificates for all participants.

Theme for Artworks SUNFUN 2023:-


Hear from Ms. Kalpana Tikko & Dhruv Tikko

She has been part of the SUNFUN from the year it started. This is to share the impact SUNFUN has had on the lives of specially-abled young adults & their families.

Special Attraction

What's For YOU?

For You being Socially Responsible

Sunrise Learning believes in the power of art to create positive change in society. YOU can be the change.


From 01st August to 16th August


They are going to judge your Artworks!

Kalpana Tikko

Mrs Kalpana Tikkoo is a strong special mom who works tirelessly with her most talented son, DHROV, to celebrate art as a medium of expression and together they have created wonders that have received appreciation and love from all around the globe. The young artist is now well renowned with his own Instagram handle, that allows him to not only showcase but also sell his paintings and become self-reliant at such a young age. They are an inspiration for all parents of specially-abled children and we welcome them on the panel.

Sunfun 2023 panelist

Dr. Anjali Valecha

Dr Anjali Valecha- a doctor by profession, She is a strong and committed special mother blessed with an amazingly talented son, Rohan. This amazing enterprising mother-son duo have been creating wonders; where Rohan creates his unique abstract art and ma’am converts them into products with resin – coasters, trays, paintings and much more!

Their beautiful creations are much appreciated internationally and they are selling their products successfully across the globe via their social media platforms. They are shining the light for so many others and we welcome them on the panel.

Sunfun Panelist 2023 by Sunrise Learning

Nidhi Gupta

Mrs Nidhi Gupta is a strong special mom blessed with a budding artist, Vir Gupta who has connected with millions of people and touched their hearts by his unique abstract painting at such a young age . This inspiring mother-son duo knows that sky is the limit when it comes to achieving anything they set their eyes on, and their secret is love, perseverance and determination. After having been connected with Sunrise Learning foundation for a few years now and Vir being one of the most loved participant for the past 2 years’ Sunfun, we have the priviledge of announcing that Ms Nidhi will be joining us as an art mentor and our panelist for SUNFUN 2023!!

Sunfun Panelist

Ms Anshul Batra

Ms. Anshul Batra is a special mother, an engineer and a special educator who with her 16 year old son, Ansh, believes that art can premeate the very deepest thoughts, where words fail to do justice. His abstract expressionism and stunning strokes have attracted ample attention and he with the support of his tireless mother has reached more than 50 exhibitions and his art is travelling and being celebrated internationally. She works as a consultant with ALAP and feels that art brings a sense of calm to Ansh’s life. We welcome them on the panel.

Ms. Maryam Ahmed

Ms. Maryam Ahmad is professional artist, animator and a graphic designer; and is an inspiration for many. She has been freelancing for children’s books, conducting free online art sessions, art therapy sessions for specially abled children, collaborating with NGOs and volunteering to help the world heal with art.

She now is making her mark as an art instructor via her brand name: maryam’s art studio.
Being a ‘nomadic’ army wife ! the world has been her inspiration and her many talents and achievements encompass her being a brand ambassador for the art papers’ brand: scholar inc.

Moreover she has many group exhibitions under her belt with the army wives artist group: the olive expressions. We’re honoured to have her on our panel.

Ms. Supriya Sondhi

A prolific practitioner and instructor of meditation disciplines, Supriya is a power house of creativity. Having learned from different schools in India and abroad, she teaches yoga, meditation, power yoga, yin-yoga, yoga choreography, Pilate and she zealously practises Indian classical music, kathak, bonsai art, cooking as the myriad manifestations of creativity. She’s working on a book on yoga for children.

Her amazing ability and willingness to learn new skills and crafts adds new dimensions to her. She loves to spend time with children and works to design innovative ways to teach them fun filled curriculums of physical disciplines.

Her eagerness to start learning Kathak at 56 – and having graduated admirably to the fourth visharad makes her an inspiration to all of us

Ms. Urmil Sondhi

A student of art at college, Urmil rekindled her love for oil paintings in her senior years and received overwhelming adulation from the art community. An active presence on social media, she has created amazing landscapes and portraits. With an astonishing eye for detail her style reflects resilience, patience and a dogged pursuit of perfection.

Even as she rocks her 70’s, has many art pieces exhibited in India and the U.S. which are owned by people who cherish her creative skill, she’s ever excited to learn new techniques of painting and practice them. Her perfectionism makes her an invaluable panellist.

Dr. Sushma Yadav

A PHD in Art, has travelled all around the world to participate in art exhibitions… from Kullu manali in India all the way to Greece.
Her love and passion for art and education is ever evolving and reaching new heights because for her sky is the limit.

Besides from being a featured artist in various exhibitions she has her own Art studio in Delhi and she is a guest editor in Art Times since 2007

We couldn’t be happier !
Glad to have you with us as a panelist for SUNFUN 2023.

Ms. Mitushi Rastogi

Mitushi is a certified Theta Healing Practitioner specializing in the field of Alternative Healing and Energy Therapy that includes Balanced Emotional Empowerment, Theta Healing and Past Life Regression. During her formative years she began to learn about different topics surrounding spirituality and spiritual healing. Over time, her interest deepened and she decided to take formal education in spiritual healing and then practice the same.

She empowers clients to work on their emotions and get rid of their fears through her sessions. It helps her clients to overcome their mental/physical limitations and manifest the life they desire.

An educationist at heart, she still makes time from her busy schedule to teach her favourite subjects.

Ms. Ritu Shukla

Ritu Shukla mother to 23 year old Anmoll on autism spectrum who loves to play keyboard and sing soulful hindi songs. He is currently learning vocal in kala Academy and Sanjeevan music academy Goa. She picked art few years back and have displayed her work at AADI Delhi in their exhibition Anubhuti 2020. Her work was also published recently in Gomantak Times a pioneering newspaper in Goa. It took her many trials of arts & music with Anmol to realize his calling & talent for music. She truly believes with compassion, love and guidance we can find many budding artists and performers amongst autistic people. This will give them an outlet to their feelings and a sense of purpose.

Ms. Lisha Chheda

Lisha Chheda is the co-founder and director at Rubaroo Breaking Silences Foundation. Rubaroo fights against the epidemic of Child Sexual Abuse by conducting awareness sessions for adult stakeholder and body safety programmes for children

She holds a Masters in Counselling Children and Young People and has worked extensively with children and adults who face trauma and is trained in EMDR therapy, known for its effectiveness to help survivors of sexual violence.

Sunrise Learning Foundation is honored to be associated with her for an opportunity to raise awareness for body safety programs & effective trainings within the specially-abled community of children & parents connected with our foundation. We welcome her on the panel.

Ms. Madhumeeta Bannerjee

Ms Madhumeeta Bannerjee is a passionate artist with a soul and Art Educator with a vision & mission. A successful career as a medical professional, a professor, counsellor, social activist; all added myriad shades to evince a creative & inspiring art career as an Artist, Online Educator, Art Author. Tragedies of life, health challenges, and losses could not halt/dampen her dedication to Art Innovation, Education and Evolution.
Primed to learn & assimilate, she hungry for acquiring skills in Art & Leadership. She is elegantly walking the expressway of Art of emotions and colours. She is committed to helping & sharing her skills with other discerning souls.
She is successfully conducting many online batches in India and overseas, sharing her talent and passion with many. Her Art classes are doable and fun at the same time it helps to elevate and enlighten humans in many ways. Many of her art work – portraits, flowers adorn beautiful houses of art connoisseur/ patrons in USA, AUSTRALIA, UK, CANADA, INDIA.

Ms. Alpana Sinha

Art has been a very integral part of Alpana’s journey since the very beginning, and now she’s an art mentor at SUNRISE LEARNING for the last 2 years, nurturing expression through art.
She especially loves practising Mandala art, Acrylic painting and water colour paint. “Doing something you love, really brings peace in mind”.

She has worked as a primary teacher for 3 amazing years, worked as a social coordinator for about 3 years in seventeen villages in Bihar, monitor nonformal schools, helped to increase awareness of the health of the villagers while working with Notre Dame Academy, monitored building of houses and ensured quality under the Indira Awas Yojna Mandated by Central Government of India to generate economic independence among women by initiating a small scale industry.

She’s passionate about art instruction and also uses her time for conducting art class at Artsee Hope Foundation online

Check Sunfun Art Workshop 2022

This was 2022!

Time Flies!

We had great fun last year. In this Video, SUNRIZERS were preparing for SUNFUN 2022.

We were overwhelmed by the submission last year.

And we are eagerly waiting for your submissions for 2023.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to be a part of a groundbreaking Inclusive art event.

Still have Doubts . Check FAQ’S below first, then Connect with us

What are the Opportunities of Joining SUNFUN:

Art Mentorship Program

Selected artists will have the opportunity to be mentored by acclaimed artists and experts.

Participation Certificates

Every participant will receive a participation certificate, honoring their contribution to the cause of inclusivity.

Feature in Sunrise Learning Annual Calendar 2024

Your art may be chosen to be featured in our prestigious annual calendar, reaching a wider audience.


Got questions? We've got answers. Check out our frequently asked questions below:

To participate,
STEP 1: simply visit THIS PAGE (https://www.sunriselearning.in/sunfun-2023/  ) and click submit now button. Fill in your details, including your contact information and a brief description of your artwork. Attach your artwork with the form by the specified deadline for evaluation.
STEP 2: jOIN fb Group and share your artwork there. ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/436846978283254/?ref=share )
STEP 3: Share these posts on your individual pages to get more visibility and spread awareness. (This is Optional)

No, there is no age restriction. SUNFUN 2023 welcomes artists of all ages, from children to adults, to showcase their creativity and promote Inclusion.

SUNFUN 2023 welcomes various forms of artwork, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, digital art, and mixed media. The medium and style of expression are open to your creativity. (AI Artworks not allowed strictly)

Yes, the theme for the artwork is DIVERSE MIND, DIVERSE SKIES. We encourage artists to explore and express on this topic.

Yes, all participants will receive a participation certificate as a token of appreciation for their contribution to SUNFUN 2023.

Coz Darling, YOU are already a WINNER!

The artwork will be evaluated by a panel of internationally acclaimed artists and experts in the field. They will consider artistic expression, creativity, interpretation of the theme, and overall impact while selecting artwork for the art mentorship program.

Notification emails will be sent to all participants after the evaluation process is completed. The selected artists will receive detailed information regarding the next steps, including participation in the art mentorship program or inclusion in the Sunrise Learning Annual Calendar.

Yes, each participant can submit up to two artworks for evaluation. This provides an opportunity to showcase different aspects of your creativity.

Yes, all submitted artworks will remain the property of the respective artists. We respect the rights of artists and appreciate their contributions.

If your artwork is selected, you will have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive art mentorship program facilitated by experts and therapists online. The program will provide valuable guidance and support to enhance your artistic skills and foster personal growth.