Curriculum, Academics and Online LIVE Classes specially designed for your special Child

Grow towards Independence with ONLINE LIVE Functional Academics Program for your Child with special Needs

By Sunrise Learning– a special school with 10+years of experience.

For Children of apprx Grade Kindergarten to grade 3- Basic

For Children of apprx Grade 4 to grade 10

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9 months Program divided into 3 quarter

  • June to August
  • September to November
  • December to February


INR 7500/- Per Quarter

  • Divided into 3 quarterly,  the 9 month course total price is INR 27000/-


Exclusive Curriculum designed for special students

  • 3 class per Week
  • English, Maths, EVS/

Registration of Quarter 1 for Functional Academics are now Open!     I    Small batches

Watch this Video by Dr. Sonali Kataria, where she explains all about this Program

🤔Are you still Wondering, where will your special child fit in?

Let us simplify this for you a little more.

This Program is divided into two:- 

  1. 1. Basic :- Students of grade 1-3 (any board)
  2. 2. Advance:- Students of grade level (3 and above)


This course is ideal for special needs students who require foundational support in academic areas to improve their independence and functioning in everyday life.

Students of grade 1-3 (any board) who are struggling with basic academics course will get benefitted.

This course focuses on teaching essential academic skills necessary for everyday life. Students learn basic literacy, numeracy, money management, time management, and problem-solving.


This course is designed for special needs students who have mastered basic academic skills and are ready to further develop their abilities to pursue higher levels of independence and engagement in their communities.

Students of grade level (3 and above) who struggle to apply basic arithmetic and reading writing into complex and practical applications will get benefitted.

The advanced course builds upon the basic skills. Students delve deeper into focusing on more complex academic concepts and practical applications.

🤔You looking for What’s in the specially designed Curriculum?

Find the details below

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We have designed  two Brochures, one for Basic and one for Advance. Get the Brochure to get complete details.

🤔Yes, this PROGRAM is 9 month long and this is how it’s divided.

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What to expect from this FUNCTIONAL ACADEMICS PROGRAM?

✅Holistic Academic Support

✅ Practical Life Skills Development

✅Access to Recordings and Resources

✅ Experienced Happy Educators

✅ Personalized Attention -Small Batch

Enhanced Parental Involvement

Exam Preparation Assistance

Improved Confidence & Independence

Flexibility with Online Format

Community Support


We are SUNRISE LEARNING- a special school with 10+ years of experience.

With the intention of reaching, helping , educating and impacting thousands of special lives and their families, we consistently do Free Webinar, design parent training & other helpful courses for special needs children.

Most of our Courses to carve a path towards Independence for children with special Needs.

Including the Founder, Dr. Sonali Kataria, many faculties are first a parent of children with special need, then a educationist, therapist or other. 

So We just want to tell you, we know where are you standing today, what challenges you are facing, what help you are looking for.

Inspite of the fact you go for this Program or not. We want to tell you,