PEP (Parent Empowerment Program)

Announcing the PEP23 (September): OPEN for enrolments. Please note this is a Mini PEP Online Live training starting from 28th September

This Program is for parents of children (aged 1.5 to 4 years) with neurodiverse conditions (like speech delay, developmental delay, intellectual challenges, autism spectrum, ADHD) For 30 days, the parents work with their children, and learn to work on these.

Parents Empowered from PEP
Successful PEP Batches


  • 1. To build a trusting relationship
  • 2. To develop PLAY, peer interaction & “calm”
  • 3. To meaningfully engage your child & still manage “me” time
  • 4. To bring compliance (& instruction following)
  • 5. To develop communication skills (non-verbal & speech)
  • 6. To teach social rules & other social skills
  • 7. To teach life skills (toileting/ eating/ sleeping)
  • 8. To build language & expand vocabulary
  • 9. To manage sensory difficulties (Pressure seeking/ defensive/ Visual, Auditory, Tactile, feeding, oro-motor & sleeping issues)
  • 10. To teach skills & pre-academics (pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math)
  • 11. To manage difficult behaviors
  • 12. To bring independence in learnt tasks
  • 13. To deal with complex emotions, and manage anxiety & anger to help in GROWING UP challenges
  • 14. To make an INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION PLAN (IEP) for your child

UNDERSTAND the whys and hows of everything your child experiences ! Because your child is a “child” and not a “diagnosis” or a set of challenges ! He/she needs a rich social conducive environment to play, learn & grow, and not isolated therapies !

Meet the TEAM PEP22

Senior professionals who will support & guide you in this program

Dr Sonali Kataria (Autism Specialist Doctor & parent)

Dr Shruti Singh (Early Intervention Consultant)

Ms Ritu Saini (Early Intervention Therapist, Special Educator, parent)

Ms Srilalitha (Speech & Language Pathologist & Psychologist)

Ms Vandana Gautam (AAC Facilitator, ICT Educator & parent)

Dr Feroz Khan OT (Occupational Therapist)

Ms Madhu Singh (Special Educator)

Ms Monika Misra (Special Educator)

Ms Ruchi Mishra (Coordinator)

Ms Ankita Shrivastava (Skill Trainer & Yoga Instructor)