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Every Child is Special.

Inclusion is the way ahead!!

Sunrise Learning- for people with special needs.

SUNRISE LEARNING welcomes you and your family to a
childcare center, with an active-learning social
environment. Its USP is the unique, secure and
relaxed setting, where caring, sharing and cuddling
are all significant parts of our daily activities. We
firmly believe that a ‘healthy childhood’ should be a
much bigger priority than ‘early education’, and
more emphasis should be laid on ‘interactive play’
than learning to ‘follow instructions’. And at Sunrise
we strive to come-up to these beliefs.
Sunrise appreciates your confidence and trust, and is thankful for all your support in our journey to bring inclusion in the society.

Sunrise Learning is fully equipped with the Pre school and School session, Education and Training for all kinds of children with Behavior Problems, Children with Multiple Disabilities, like Mental Retardation, Autism, ADHD, Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, etc. and organizes Extra Curricular Activities, like Yoga, Dance, Music, Arts-N-Crafts, etc. for the same.

The team of specialists attending the Assessment and Counseling Unit of “SUNRISE LEARNING”, consists of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Special Educators, Qualified Academic Teachers, Speech and Occupational Therapists, etc. 

Meet the Founder

Dr. Sonali Kataria Sirohi

Dr Sonali Kataria Sirohi is a “special” parent and Head of Sunrise Learning, Outreach Support & Center for Autism & Special Needs.

Born and brought up in a family of doctors, my basic education is medical graduation, followed by an MD from AIIMS in Anatomy, with Neuroscience as my specialization. 

She has done a series of professional trainings including the Son-Rise Program (USA), Stem cell Therapy project from University of Melbourne (AUS), several Teacher Training programs (in autism and related conditions) after her MD and residency, which helped her shape her present status of educational empowerment.

Latest Achievements of Sunrise Learning

Achievements are always a great source of motivation for us. It boosts out team to keep our spirits high and serve the cause more responsibly..






What does Sunrise Learning offers

Via special education, children with multiple disabilities learn how to live an independent life, something which comes naturally to normal children, has to be taught to children with multiple disabilities.

This is created for each Child where teaching strategies are customised to the child’s need. No two children has the same form of disability thus individualisation is important to achieve learning results.

In India, the time lag between identification and intervention is almost two years – thus children with MDVI lose years of early development, which are foundational to success in school and life.

It aims at helping the mother understand the unique learning styles of the child with autism. This enables the mother to teach the child new skills and help him/her generalize learnt skills in the environment using the most appropriate teaching strategies.

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Multiple therapies

The goal of the therapies is to rehabilitate the child thereby maximizing their potential to move closer to their developmental milestone.

Therapies help a child with multiple disability to achieve their goals in visual, cognitive, social/emotional, communicative and physical development.

The team assesses each child and develops goals for them in each area.

As Child with special needs requires a multidisciplinary team to optimise a child’s development.

Vocational Training

There are few employment opportunities for people with disabilities and parents struggle with how to keep there child occupied throughout the days, weeks and months.

If the right amount of support is provided, irrespective of the nature of the employment, most people with autism would be successful active members in their work place.

This program of Sunrise Learning caters to those adults who may seek work in the open employment, but, may need ‘on the job’ training to help them prepare for the same.

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Parent Empowerment Support

Parents face a lot of emotional stress, frustration and fatigue when they have a child with special needs.

They also do not know how to help their child in their development. They cannot manage their behavior and do not have the necessary skills to teach them basic things at home.

Sunrise Learning provide Social & emotional support. counselling services, facilitating linkage to governmental schemes, training on how to take care of your Child, support getting disability certificates and much more.

Advocacy & training

We also advocate the needs of children with special needs to healthcare providers and run awareness program in school, colleges, Public places and corporates – providing a glimpse of the life lived by children with multiple disabilities.


At Sunrise Learning, we celebrate the Special Days dedicated to our cause – inviting all stakeholders to participate and celebrate the unique joy that each child with Sunrise team brings to the world. 

Happy Parents with Sunrise Learning !!

These happy parents are our true motivation. We are happy to bring smiles to there face.

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We Know

You need assistance for your special Child!

We also understand there are many questions in your mind unanswered. We would be more than happy to guide you. Choose either of the buttons to let us help you.


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