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Sunrise Learning Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated towards providing EMPLOYMENT, EMPOWERMENT & EDUCATION for persons with special needs & under-privileged children. It is registered as a Trust, under The Indian Trusts Act, 1882 and u/s 80G and 12A of The Income Tax Act, 1961, and Niti Ayog.

Be a support partner for persons with special needs with Sunrise Learning Foundation. Welcome to our small microcosm to share the miracles that happen here everyday and help our students to achieve everything that they’re working so hard for.

One of the very unfortunate myths we live with is that persons on the spectrum have limited skills or abilities to learn and this is a myth we live n love to blast every day at SUNRISE LEARNING.

Our students love to learn and they never ever give up till they have accomplished a task.

Sunrise Learning programs and projects depend on grants and aid for organizations and donations from our friends and supporters. so many of you are so eager to make a meaningful change in our society and this is so so simple.

Donations can be general donations for general activities of the organization or specific to one of our activities, including donating a child for healing and care. If you want to donate, write to us and we will advise you on how to donate.

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One Time

One time support towards the foundation


Monthly support for sponsoring a child – this can be a full scholarship or partial support

Please reach out to sunriselearningfoundation@gmail.com or message us at 9873749118 or 8076720531 for more information

In kind

Support for purchase of equipment – laptops, physical therapy equipment or gym equipment.


Support for acquiring land and construction of a residential school for our students: SUNRISE LEARNING ‘HOME’ – our vision of a safe and secure place.

Google Pay, scan and send your love and blessings to Sunrise Learning.


Please join hands to stand up for diversity and ability. Lend a helping hand n contribute to ensure that people with special needs are able to live beyond the labels by channelising on their strengths, reaching their maximum potential, and living a life of dignity and independence.

Account Details

For Domestic Transactions

For International Transactions

In this journey of empowerment, as a next step, We are striving to acquire a place for land) for a vocational training unit and a residential facility for young adults. For this, we seek your support & partnership.