EMOTIONAL REGULATION LIVE course for Children with special needs.

Let your child understand and label their emotions at each part of their life. With this tested and proven concepts which have already touched many special lives around us.

Starting from 14th October. Once a week. Duration 4 months

Course Details

  • 1. Course:- LIVE Online Emotional Regulation (4 month)
  • 2. For:- Children with Special Needs & their Parents 
  • 3. Criteria:- No age criteria – any parent who wishes to make a difference in his / her child’s life, is welcome !
    4. Dates – Starting from14th October
    5. Timings – 11 AM (Every Saturday)
    6. Platform – Zoom (Edmingle, a learning portal)
    7. Last date to register is 13th October 2023
  • 8. Program Fee:  ₹ 6000/-
  • 9. No. of Seats:- Only 15 seats
  • 10. Modules:- Check Below
  • 11. Duration:- 4 months(16 weeks, 8 modules)

👀 Have a Sneak Peak of How and what will this Course Cover👇

Get ready to equip yourself and your child with practical strategies and tools to enhance their emotional regulation skills.

Hey Parents of special children,

We know your Struggles

These are your Problems, right?

Difficulty in Identifying and Understanding Emotions

As a Parents of children with special needs, you may struggle to recognize and comprehend your child's emotions due to challenges in communication and expression.

Managing Challenging Behaviors

Your Special child may be exhibiting challenging behaviors, such as meltdowns or aggression, which can be emotionally overwhelming for YOU as a parents to handle effectively.

Feeling Overwhelmed and Stressed

The continuous demands of caregiving and managing your child's unique needs can lead to emotional exhaustion and high levels of stress for YOU as a parent.

Guilt and Self-Doubt

As a Parents, you may experience guilt and self-doubt, questioning your ability to meet your child's needs adequately and provide the best care possible.

Social Isolation

Raising a child with special needs can be isolating, and YOU may face difficulty in finding understanding and supportive social circles, leading to feelings of loneliness.

Balancing Responsibilities

Juggling between your child's special requirements and other family or work responsibilities can create emotional turmoil and strain on YOU as a Parent. Finding time for self-care becomes challenging.

But What if, we told you, this Course will……

✅ Teach your Child to identify and label their emotions

✅ Help your special Child represent Abstract concept like feelings and emotions, the way they learn

✅ Get your special Child familiar with difficult situations

✅ Help your special Child practice coping strategies

✅ Introduce your special child with tools to calm themselves down

What do you think?

Would this had been better ?

If you Answered YES to yourself, then this course is for your special Child and You.

What will you & your special Child Learn?

Labeling & Identication of Emotions

Understanding situations which makes your child feel a particular emotion

Listen to their body & brains signals for emotions

Strategies to manage and deal with emotions

Practise of strategies to manage and deal with emotions

How to Independently regulate the emotions

Approach of the Course

Zones of Regulation Customized for Indian culture and lifestyle.

Why Zones of Regulations?

✅Conceptual Framework

✅ Cognitive behavioral Approach

✅ Break Abstract Social Concept into concrete visuals

✅Focuses on building skills with underlying problem

✅Teaches Impulse control & problem solving

Roadmap of the Course

Meet the Host

Sunrise Learning proudly presents her with almost a decade of experience in community building and providing active support to Parents of Children with Special Needs.

Mrs Vandana Gautam

ICT Educator, AVAZ THERAPIST & NIOS Program Incharge at SUNRISE learning

She is passionate trainer and mother of a 15 year old young man on the Autism Spectrum. She closely works with children with special needs and their parents to bring a change and support in special Needs Community.

How to Register?

Step 1

Click the "I am Interested" button and then fill the form

Step 2

You will get the registration link in your Email

Step 3

Make Payment via link received on your Email and get details on your email further on how to join etc.

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