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No parent wants to see that their kid is anything other than happy and healthy. And an ASD diagnosis may be especially worrisome.

You may have been advised that ASD is an incurable, lifelong disorder, making you fearful that nothing you do would help.

You might be wondering how to best aid your kid or be perplexed by contradictory treatment recommendations.

While ASD is not something that a person “grows out of,”. There are many therapies that can help youngsters learn new abilities and overcome a range of developmental obstacles.
From therapies, training to courses, many things are available to meet your child’s special needs and help them learn, grow, and thrive in life.

What to do, If you have just figured out that your child is Autistic?

The greatest thing you can do is begin therapy as soon as possible. As soon as you feel something is amiss, get help. Waiting for your child to catch up or outgrow the condition is a waste of time. You don’t even need to wait for a formal diagnosis.

The earlier a kid with autism spectrum condition receives therapy, the better their chances of a successful outcome. The most effective strategy to speed up your child’s development and lessen the symptoms of autism over time is to intervene early.

In spite of all the therapies and courses, parents prepare themselves for everyday challenges.

Here are 9 ways how you can support or help your Special Child.

1. Try to engage them, but also respect their need for stimming

2. Use their special interests to build a bond

3. Let them bring or carry their comfort Items

4. Don’t get angry during a meltdown

5. Listen to every way, through which your child is trying to communicate

6. Don’t force them to endure sensory stimuli

7. Give them time to recover if needed

8. Don’t dismiss their triggers

9. Don’t make them act less autistic

There is no Manual booklet for this Though. Some of you may not resonate with some of the points mentioned, as you have just stepped in or are discovering the Autism Land. Read our amazing article on WELCOME TO AUTISM LAND.

Our Pro-tip is:- Be a Proud Parent. You don’t have to print it on t-shirts for everyone to see. Be proud of his little achievements, his journey, and moreover the process itself.

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