ican pre vocational Program

Unlock Your Potential: iCan Course for Specially-Abled

Transform your skills and realize your true potential with our expertly crafted iCan Course specifically designed to cater to the needs of differently-abled individuals.

About ican

ican PRE-VOCATIONAL PROGRAM For age groups to 8-16 years; Timings: 9:30/10 am to 2:30/3 pm

The iCan Course for Specially-Abled is a unique and innovative program designed to unlock the potential of differently-abled individuals. It offers a range of tools, techniques, and resources to help individuals with disabilities overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

The course is expertly crafted and tailored to cater to the needs of differently-abled individuals. It equips participants with essential skills and knowledge to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The iCan Course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a range of subjects, including technology, creativity and communication.

Through the iCan Course, participants can learn how to express themselves in new and innovative ways, unlock their creativity, and transform their skills. The program is designed to be inclusive and accessible to individuals with all types of disabilities, including visual, auditory, and physical impairments.

The course also offers mentorship and coaching to help participants achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Holistic Building-ican

“ican” program is overall a life skill program where a special child is trained to be independent in everyday chores and extra curricular if possible.

You should not ignore this program, if you are looking for a holistic growth of your special child.


Ican- a Pre Vocational Program

This is your Chance to explore a holistic growth for your Special Child

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