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The majority of us as a Parent  might  be interested in learning why it is beneficial or necessary to attend festival celebrations-particularly for special children. Most Parents see this as a challenge as  their Child might react to the gathering. The celebrations have an element of spontaneity and hence can be unpredictable. Some parents may even take the option of missing school and keep the child home with them.

However, such celebrations can be wonderful and enriching opportunities for neuro divergent learners to children and we will try to show how.

Festival celebrations at school give a real world opportunity to acquire and practice social, motor and speech skills and hence, are a practical extension of what they’re taught in classrooms. 

They facilitate interaction, teach social skills, foster a feeling of community as it builds and nurtures bonds with teammates, faculty, staff and parents – which are all stepping stones to social bonds with bigger communities. 

It serves the very important objective of encouraging cultural appreciation and expanding the classroom’s focus on social awareness.

We at Sunrise Learning believe that fun and learning can both come together to make celebrations of festivals at school an important initiative. It is a school’s responsibility to instill in today’s youth a sense of community and appreciation of culture. Along with developing skillsets and understanding, it also helps children get used to their surroundings, social practices and foster love and affection in relationships with friends and family.

Sunrise Learning places special emphasis on the need for young children to feel a connection to both their own and other cultures.  Children’s social behaviors change, social skill and their cultural awareness grows when they engage with their parents, teachers, and community members, which leads to cognitive growth.

Apart from this, celebrating festivals fosters creativity by showcasing various art forms such as painting, designing, coloring, drawing, crafting, decorating and sculpting.

Additionally, it fosters a sense of community, allowing children to find their position in this common humanity. Together, they successfully plan a celebration after learning to share tasks with everyone.

They also learn the importance of sharing because children are taught to do so through gift-giving during holidays. Children spread the holiday cheer by giving gifts and treats to family and friends. Children learn to share and look out for one another when they donate or give gifts to one another.

They learn small things like;-

1. Learning the story and importance of each festiva

2. Learning and practicing Rituals

3. Application of the social rules that they learn in class to festival celebrations

4. Receive and comprehend new sensory experiences in such fun events

5. They get a soft exposures to crowds, loud sounds, lights & colors

6. They get a chance to practice social, motor, and speech skills  in real-world situations

7. Festival celebrations boost the Classroom teaching with practical demonstrations 

8. Children learn moral and social values and their interpretation in real life 

9. Creating and nurturing bonds with teammates, faculty, staff and parents

10. Waiting for there turn and sharing with class mates and team mates 

11. Creative skills

12. Sharing and generosity



There are many reasons why children should celebrate festivals with the community as the lessons they learn are  priceless and permanent.

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