Let your Special Needs Child Master Basic Computer Skills in easy visually designed, fun & engaging format

in Just 8 Weeks, Without Frustration or Overwhelm

No More Struggles, Just Progress!

This Online Course will introduce your special child to MS word, MS Excel and PowerPoint skills in  an easy, interactive & fun way.

Computer course for special children

Course Details

  • Course:- LIVE Online Beginner’s Computer Course in MS Office
  • For:- Children with Special Needs (8+ years)
  • Starting Date:- 11th September
  • Admission Deadline:- 10th September
  • Hours/Week – 2hrs/week
  • Program Fee: Rs 3500/- per month
  • Timings:- Monday & Wednesday 4PM to 5PM

Here is a chance for a first small step of your child towards  digitalization, technology & employment readiness

*The only prerequisite is your special child should know basic typing & Mouse Control.

About The Program

  • 1. Weekly Live Classes from Experienced Mentors
  • 2. Live Discussion Forum (Peer to Peer Group)
  • 3. Easy Visual breakdown of the Course.
  • 4. Hands On Excercises with a defined Roadmap of Consistent Progression
  • 5. Encouragement of Parents participation
  • 6. A cheerful helping & motivating community for further support.

Who is This Course For?

This Course Is for Children with Special Needs If:

  • 1. Your Child Struggles with Traditional Learning Methods: If your child finds it challenging to learn through conventional methods, our course provides an alternative, interactive approach that caters to diverse learning needs.
  • 2. You Want to Empower Your Child with Practical Skills: If you believe in equipping your child with skills that go beyond the classroom, our course teaches MS Office skills that can boost their confidence and independence.
  • 3. You Seek a Supportive and Inclusive Learning Environment: If you’re looking for a safe and encouraging space for your child to learn, our curriculum is designed with inclusivity in mind, fostering a sense of belonging.
  • 4. You Want to Prepare Your Child for the Digital Future: If you envision your child succeeding in a technology-driven world, our user-friendly course eases them into technology and teaches them skills they’ll need.
  • 5. You Desire Personalized Attention and Progress Tracking: If you value individualized attention for your child’s learning journey and want to track their progress consistently, our small class sizes and progress updates are ideal.

Course Highlights:

Check the highlights of Foundation Course for MS Office Skills with a mission to get started with employment readiness.

Tailored Learning Approach

Our course is designed specifically for children with special needs, ensuring that each child’s unique learning style is accommodated, eliminating the worry of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Patient and Supportive Instructors

Our experienced instructors are well-versed in working with children with diverse learning needs, providing the patience and support needed for a stress-free learning experience.

Inclusive Curriculum

We’ve carefully curated the curriculum to be inclusive, fostering a sense of accomplishment and boosting confidence as your child engages with the material at their own pace.

Small Class Sizes

We maintain small class sizes to allow for personalized attention, ensuring your child’s questions are answered and their progress is closely monitored.

Basic Mouse handling & typing Experience Required

This course is designed for beginners with just a basic experience in mouse handling & typing, so even if your child is not too tech savvy or is not much used to a computer before, they’ll find our content easy to understand and navigate.

Interactive and Visual Learning

Our lessons are enriched with interactive elements and visual aids, enhancing engagement and making learning enjoyable and filled with fun for your special child with various learning needs. 

Flexible Schedule

We understand the challenges parents of children with special needs face, which is why our course offers a flexible schedule, allowing you to fit the learning into your routine, even if you miss a live class.

Lifetime Access

Enrolling in this course grants your child lifetime access to the course material, ensuring they can revisit and reinforce their skills whenever they need.

Key Skills your Child will Learn

  1. 1. Computer Application
  2. 2. WWW and Internet
  3. 3. Email Communication
  4. 4. MS Word
  5. 5. MS Excel
  6. 6. MS Powerpoint

Hear from Past Participants (Parents):

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🔑 Unlock Your Child's Potential Today

Don’t let your child’s lack of computer skills hold them back. Invest in their future with the “Beginners Computer Course in MS Office.” Witness their growth, empower their dreams, and equip them with skills that last a lifetime.

Meet the Trainer

Sunrise Learning proudly presents her with almost a decade of experience in community building and providing active support to Parents of Children with Special Needs.

Mrs Vandana Gautam

ICT Educator, AVAZ THERAPIST & NIOS Program Incharge at SUNRISE learning

She is a passionate trainer and mother of a 15 year old young man on the Autism Spectrum. She closely works with children with special needs and their parents to empower them.

What is my child missing if he/she doesn't take this course?

In today’s technology-driven world, the lack of essential computer skills can hinder their future opportunities, causing frustration and limiting their potential.


  • >Is your child showing an interest in computers?
  • >Would you like to explore his/her interest in computers?


Imagine your child feeling left behind, unable to navigate the digital world like their peers. Picture the challenges they might face in school, work, and daily life due to a lack of computer proficiency. The struggle is real, and it’s time to address it head-on.


The “Beginners Computer Course in MS Office” – is tailored solution for children with special needs. This transformative course is designed to empower your child with vital computer skills, setting them up for success in the digital age.

🎈 You are not alone in this journey. Let our "Beginners Computer Course in MS Office" be the stepping stone to your child's learning and growth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who is this course designed for?

Our “Beginners Computer Course in MS Office” is specifically designed for children with special needs, ensuring a tailored and inclusive learning experience.

What age group is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for children aged 8 + years, providing a foundation for MS Office skills that will be valuable throughout their academic journey.

What if my child has no prior experience with computers?

No worries! Our course is designed for beginners, including those who are not tech savvy. The only prerequisite is your special child is basic typing & Mouse Control. We’ll guide your child step-by-step, ensuring they feel confident every step of the way.

How are the lessons delivered?

Lessons are delivered through live interactive classes via Zoom, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Your child can also learn at their own pace, replaying lessons as needed.

What software and equipment do we need?

All you need is a computer or tablet with internet access. We’ll provide instructions on how to set up the necessary software for the course, if required.

How does the personalized learning approach work?

Our small class sizes allow for personalized attention. Instructors adapt to each child’s learning style, ensuring they grasp concepts thoroughly.

How can parents track their child's progress?

We provide regular progress updates through our platform. You’ll be able to monitor your child’s assignments, assessments, and overall growth throughout the course.

Are there opportunities for my child to interact with peers?

Yes, we connect through whatsapp groups where children and parents can collaborate, discuss, and learn from their peers, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

What happens after my child completes the course?

After completing the course, your child will have a strong foundation in MS Office skills. We also offer discounts on advanced courses to further develop their skills.

Is the course accessible for children with different types of special needs?

Yes, our course is designed to accommodate various learning needs. We provide a supportive and inclusive environment to ensure every child can succeed.

How will I be notified about the upcoming live Classes?

Once you enroll and pay, you will receive a confirmation mail. For each upcoming Live class you will be received a mail prior to that an d will also be updated on the whatsapp group. 

How do I enroll my child?

Enrolling your child is easy! Simply click the “Enroll Now” button on our website, and you’ll be guided through the enrollment process. For more details check “How to enroll?” section in this page.