Includes Internship & Externship, Job Training,
Social Skills, Accepting authority, Organization Skills & Behavior
Management curriculum,
Basic & Advanced Academics (Secondary & Senior Secondary NIOS board)
Skill training for specific skills (Computers, Sports, Cooking, Art, Music,
Dance, Shop Management & Café, Hospitality & Housekeeping)

Timings: 9 am to 1 pm & 9 am to 4 pm

The training of students is done in the following courses: 

1. Retail Shop management & Courier (at Sunrise Learning Shoppe)

 2. Basic/ Advanced/ Pre-Professional Computer Skills Course “SAMARTH”

3. Creative Production Skills (coasters, planters, candles, paper bags, decor) &
Jewelry Making at “SEHER”

 4. Tailoring Skills (bags, cushion covers, napkins, towels) at Sunrise Learning

 5. Basic & Advanced Office Skills Course (for Office Attendant/ Assistant)

6. Cooking, Hospitality & House keeping Skills at Sunrise Learning Café

 7. Teacher Training Courses (for Trainees who have an interest in becoming
teachers for various fields)

As a part of Employment Training, the trainee will get an access to (as per their needs): Employ Special Program, Career assessment & Counselling, Behavior management, Counseling for privacy, Sex education, Growing up, Accepting authority, Organization Skills , Sports Classes, Hobby classes (Music & dance), Yoga classes, Academics (NIOS upto Grade 12th), Skill classes, Speech & Language Development Classes, Fun trips, shopping and picnic trips, Night camps, Social skill training through various activities.