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Do you have a family member or a Child with Special Needs who has trouble speaking,
has unclear speech or understanding language because of communication issues? The
answer you are looking for might be Avaz-AAC

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, and Avaz is an AAC app that helps individuals with speech and language difficulties to communicate effectively.

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What is Avaz?

Avaz is a picture based Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app that offers people with speech and language impairments a channel for productive

The app’s user-friendly layout, adaptable features, and extensive library
of symbols and images enable users to communicate their ideas, emotions, and

Designed with children in mind, Avaz offers a fun and engaging platform that allows
children to express their thoughts, feelings, and desires with ease. The app’s userfriendly interface, colorful graphics, and customizable options make it an ideal
choice for children with special needs.

With Avaz, children can communicate in a variety of settings, including at home, school,
and in social situations. The app can also be used to do lot of educational activities,
including reading and story narration, making it a valuable tool for academics and

Who can use Avaz?

Avaz is a valuable tool for individuals who struggle with communication due to speech
and language difficulties. This includes individuals with a range of conditions such as
autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and other speech and language
Avaz is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, making it suitable
for individuals of all ages, including children, teenagers, and adults.

The user interface of the software and its adjustable features make it simple for people
with various needs and skills to utilize it efficiently. The app’s large buttons and simple
navigation, for instance, might be helpful to those with fine motor issues, while its high contrast images and scalable fonts can be helpful to people with vision impairments.

When is Avaz available for use?

You can use Avaz as soon as you have the app loaded on your device. Users
may easily get started using the app and take full advantage of its features thanks
to its user-friendly layout and adjustable choices.

Additionally, the software offers additional benefits the earlier you start using it.
Additionally, using the app takes time for both the child and adult.

Why should I use Avaz?

Avaz enables people with speech and language impairments to express their thoughts,
feelings, and desires and communicate successfully. Increased independence and a
higher standard of living follow from this. The app is an accessible and efficient
communication tool thanks to its user-friendly interface and variety of symbols and

Avaz is a flexible tool that may be applied in a range of contexts, including those at
home, at school, and in social settings. This makes it the perfect tool for people who
struggle with communication and need to speak clearly in a variety of settings.

What is Avaz’s price range?

Avaz is a paid app that can be purchased from the Google Play Store and the App
Store. Depending on the version you select, the price changes. Additionally, the
business provides a free trial so you can use the software before purchasing it.

AAC-Avaz Hands on Course By Sunrise Learning

Sunrise Learning has created an online hands-on course on AAC-Avaz. The course
covers all the important aspects of the app, from basic navigation to advanced
customization options and real-life applications. The course is designed for parents,
caregivers, educators, and anyone interested in learning more about AAC and Avaz.

Find Course here at https://sunriselearning.edmingle.com/course/AVAZ-HANDS-ON-36721

In this course, we will be covering the following modules:

  1. What is AAC and the parent’s role as a communication partner.
  2. Avaz and its navigations – a technical overview.
  3. Getting started with Avaz -1, where we will introduce the basic features
    and functionality of the app.
  4. Getting started with Avaz -2, where we will dive deeper into the app’s features
    and customization options.
  5. Feelings and emotions – how to use Avaz to communicate emotions effectively.
  6. Play with your child using Avaz, where we will discuss how to use the app in
    play activities.
  7. Avaz for academics and learning, where we will explore how to use Avaz
    in educational settings.
  8. Read & story narration-using Avaz, where we will show you how to use Avaz
    to read and narrate stories.
  9. Avaz day to day, where we will discuss how to use Avaz in daily life activities.
  10. Avaz dance party, where we will have some fun and show you how to use Avaz
    in a dance party setting.

Here is a free session on AAC-Avaz by Sunrise Learning

Introduction to AVAZ-AAC


In summary, Avaz is a valuable tool for individuals with speech and language
difficulties who are looking for a way to communicate effectively and express their
thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Whether you are a parent, caregiver, educator, or simply someone interested in
learning more about AAC, Avaz is a valuable tool that can make a difference in the life
of someone you care about. In addition, here is an AAC-Avaz hands-on Online Course
specially designed for you.

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