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Welcome To Sunrise Learning !!

Dear Parents,

Sunrise Learning welcomes you and your family to a childcare center, with an active-learning social environment. Its USP is the unique, secure and relaxed setting, where caring, sharing and cuddling are all significant parts of our daily activities. We firmly believe that a ‘healthy childhood’ should be a much bigger priority than ‘early education’, and more emphasis should be laid on ‘interactive play’ than learning to ‘follow instructions’. And at Sunrise we strive to come-up to these beliefs.

Sunrise appreciates your confidence and trust, and hopes to partner with you and your family as we develop your child‘s Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Intellectual and Physical well being.

We are happy to announce a CERTIFICATION COURSE IN ART DISCOVERY (PRE-VOCATIONAL COURSE IN COLLABORATION WITH AIMS MEDIA), for people with Special Needs, who are interested in Art, Computers & Multimedia. For details, please write to

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Dr Sonali Kataria

  • Certified Autism Specialist (IBCCES)
  • Neuroscience Visiting Faculty (University of Melbourne, AUS)
  • Son-Rise Program (Autism Treatment Center of America, Massachusetts, USA)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education Administration (Symbiosis)
  • Teachers Training in Special Education for Autism (American Tesol Institute)


Services for children with autism

At Sunrise, having and serving children with special needs is viewed as an honor and a blessing. It has been founded with great optimism and hope, by doctor parents of a beautiful child with autism, after a long personal struggle, and a series of intensive training programs in special education and autism therapies.

Therefore, Sunrise is born out of special love, and hopes to help families embrace, support, nurture, educate and love their children, despite their challenges, and inspire and train parents to tap the best assets of their children.

The services offered are Intervention and Parent counseling & training.

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